28 June 2012


In light of the recent events at the French Open, I know i should probably be writing about Rafa Nadal's incredible 7th Roland Garros title. I probably should be writing about the fact that he now holds  a 52-1 record in Paris and has surpassed Bjorn Borg as the player with most French Open Titles in the history of the sport. I could also probably write about Novak Djokovick chance to become only the third player to complete a career grand slam (winning all our majors in a row) or his 2011 25-1 grand Slam record. Pretty impressive statistics, pretty incredible final. 

Instead, I'd like to write about the greatest player in the history of Tennis. I'm talking off course about the one and only Roger Federer. Last year, I got the chance to mark off one of the items from my bucket list. I had the opportunity to watch the federer express train up close and personal. It only took me a couple of seconds to realize that the land of chocolate and perfect watches and pocket knifes has also produced tennis perfection. With the same precision these Swiss watches point out time, Roger Federrer makes many world class tennis players look like little school boys in school looking for their lunchbox. I'd seen Federer on TV many many many times but to see him live was something else. What I love about Roger (That's right, I feel like we are pals now after hanging out in the player lounge for a while) is that he doesn't really look like he is playing tennis. He looks more like a ballerina, a complete contrast from Rafa who looks like a freaking Lion that has been kept without food for days. Don't get me wrong, I love Rafa (especially in the earlier days when he could barely speak English) but what's amazing about Rogerio (that would be his Colombian name) is that he's game is so perfect, so balanced, so efficient and so effortless than even more impressive that his 17 grand slam titles is the fact that other that a rare episode with mononucleosis in 07, he has been able to stay practically injured free. 

Ok now enough said about records. After he finishes his matches and looking like he hardly even sweat, he gives interviews in three different languages, and then goes on to kiss his wife and his two beautiful twin girls. Come on' give me a break. I'm sure Roger Federer steals grapes while shoping at the gorocery store, I'm sure he runs a red light here and there when nobody is watching.If you've seen the movie tin cup I would say I'd I would like to think Roger federer is mean to dogs, kids, and elderly people when nobody is watching. If you haven't seen this clasic, well I suppose my previous sentece made no sense whatsoever. 

Anywhoo, While we await to see what kind of dark skeletons roger federer hides in his closet, I can only continue to give thanks for living in his lifetime and continue to enjoy swiss perfection on the tennis courts… and I guess my ladie friends say he is easy on the eyes… not fair :)

Swiss Perfection
Family Man

For the laaaides!

Best of all. Roger Validates cool guys can cry too :)

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