04 July 2012

10 Things I love about 'merica

I know that I've written a whole lot about Colombia, but in light of our wonderful American holiday 4th of July, I figure I'd write about 10 things that come to mind and that I love about America. After all this is my second year I can celebrate this holiday and not feel like a poser. That's right my fellow Americans, I write and talk a lot about Colombia but I'm a gringo now too. Even though I speak a little funny, the only difference between you and I is that I can never become president… oh well

1) free refills - what a great concept. Who do we need to talk to take this concept across the pond?
2)Saturday Night Live- SO many good skits, and don't even get me started on their digital shorts
3)The interstate System- Truly amazing…really it is
4)Steve Jobs
5)Funnel Cakes- Forget Penicillin or electricity, whoever invented funnel cakes deserves a Nobel prize
6)Call me cheesy but Freedom
7)Harley Davidson Bikes
8)All you can eat buffets- again, what a great concept :)
9)US Passport- Beasts the Colombian passport any day any time in any country
10)Unlimited Ketchup- Why do I have to pay an extra euro for more ketchup?
11)Our troops- truly, the real heroes of everyday life
12)Eating watermelons on the fourth. 

okay so I said 10 things but I put 12… why? because I am a U.S American and I can do whatever I want!

Happy Fourth!


  1. great visuals to go with the commentary....thanks for sharing Santi!

  2. So cool... still loving Rogelio

  3. What Can I say, I guess I love more Dennis Ritchie rather than Mr. Jobs..... :p

  4. What Can I say, I guess I love more Dennis Ritchie rather than Mr.Jobs...... (and I'm writing from an Apple product)

  5. no worries guaro. Nobody is perfect :)