10 July 2012

Got 4:13 minutes to go around the world?

This is a 4:13 Minute video with a recollection of the last few trips I have taken over the past few years. There's a couple of countries missing, but I'll get to those hopefully sometime in the near future :)
These places were amazing but even more amazing are the people included in these clips.
Locations Include, NYC,London,Paris,Lucern,Zurich,Swiss Alps,Venice,Rome,Seville,Montecarlo,Tokyo,Osaka,Kyoto,Cartagena,
Sydney,Melbourne,Brisbane,Bangkok,Puhket,Ko Phi Phi, Hanoi,Halong Bay,Angkor Wat.

Music and Lyrics by Thad Cockrell…


  1. wow santi q nota!

  2. angkor wat.. wow (Once the gratest city of the world, even greater than Alexandria itself). You lucky sob, great video.