29 July 2012

High as a kite

So you probably know somebody who's obsess with the stock market don't you? 
you know, the person who is constantly looking at the bottom sticker on CNN or has the app on their phone telling him/her of every stock, the high and the lows, the closing prices, etc.

well, I sort of have a similar obsession with plane tickets. I know it's kinda weird but I love spending time on kayak looking at airfares. I like to look at different routes and see what fares have gone up what fares have gone down. I like to go on this dream "flights" and just like to wonder how much it would be to fly here or to fly there.  Not only do I like to look at different routes, I also like to know what type of plane is covering a particular route. So for example I know that I'd have a much better chance of flying in the new Airbus A-800 (double decker jumbo) if I fly Emirates or if I go to Paris from DC as opposed to Newark. I know it's weird but I can't help it. I wanted to be a pilot and have been obsessed with flying ever since the day I saw a plane for the first time.

But because it seems like it might be a couple of weeks until I get to be in one of man's most incredible inventions (planes that is :) , I had to come up with a different type of flying. Something that would help with the cravings of being up in the air. Lucky for me, I live in a wonderful city that provides the most epic conditions to get that kind of temporary fix :=)

Trying to spot a good place for "take off" :)
Found it!
Charleston scene on a windy day at station 28.5

No worries, this guy is like the F-16 of kiting

Thanks to Kathy Hare and Leah Sparks for supporting all the wind addicts in the Charleston area with their amazing talent.

Local kiter turning on the charm with the laadies :)

Synchronised Jumping

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