10 March 2013

India: First Impressions

My trip to India came at a particular time. Tensions between India and neighboring Pakistan were at a boiling point,(Nothing new with that one) especially after some allegations surfaced of a Pakistani soldier being killed by Indian armed forces.
In addition to that incident, there was the rape case that plagued the news of the Indian medical student attacked and gang-raped by 4 guys while taking a bus in Delhi. Needless to say, I'd be lying if I said these troubling news were not in the back of my mind as I was purchasing my Dubai-Delhi ticket.

Whenever I’d tell people I was going to India, I loved hearing their reactions. They were either “why would you want to go there”? or “That is awesome, I’ve always wanted to go there”.
What I discovered with India, is that most people either love it or hate it. India is one of those countries that you either get or you don’t.  I was pretty sure I’d fall into the first group but had no idea what to expect.

If I were to describe India in one word it would be LOCO; in two, Muy Loco; in three, muy muy Loco. But I think to best describe the 7th largest country in the world, I need four words: shock to your senses

I have never been under the influence of any drugs, but immediately after stepping out of Indira's Ghandi international terminal, I felt like I was under the influence of something.
The smells, the colors, the noise, the chaos, the craziness, rickshaw drivers coming out from all different directions, buses, cars, bicycles, dogs, monkeys,  you name it.
India is a happening place.  It might not be the kind of happening place one might experience in say Rome, or Sao Paolo, and sure it looks a lot different, but believe me when I say it, this country is full of life.

I think from all the places I could have come from into India, Dubai was probably the most drastic contrast I could have experienced. I was coming from the land of the impossible. The land where money can almost buy it all. I loved that about the trip. I loved I was coming from the country of surplus and extravagant wealth to the country of "resourcefulness, scrappiness and survival". 

I plan on writing a lot more about this unique country, but for the time being I just want to cover my first impressions. For the most part I would say I am grateful we live in a time where information and news is almost instantaneous and infinite. My fear though, is that if we were to psych ourselves out with every single report that comes out of CNN or Fox or whatever, we might as well just lock ourselves up and never leave our houses.  I guess what I'm trying to say is I am so thankful I sticked to the plan and experience India. I'd say I covered maybe 10% of the country (if that) but it was enough to changed me, enough to make a lasting impression, enough to make it a place I'd like to come back to. For now and stealing the words from Alanis Morissete I'd just like to say "thank you India"

Colors of India
Udaipur. The "Venice" of India
Faces of India

Face painting India Style

Mosque in Delhi

King's cemetery. Udaipur

Market Place

One of the seven wonders

Agra Fort

So thankful we never got the infamous "Delhi belly"

Inside the city palace in Udaipur
Red fort. Delhi
Amber Fort. Jaipur
Inside the fort

Lotus Temple
India Gate. Delhi

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