09 August 2013

Killing Parasites in China

After visiting India, I had a hard time not thinking about a story I had hear from a friend of mine. She happens to be a great doctor and had warned me about the dangers of parasites in India. She had told me this horrible story about a coworker of hers, who picked up some sort of intestinal bug while on a medical mission in India. I don't remember exactly all the medical intricacies of the story but the gist of it was basically  "DON'T GET THEM"  ….  

I was already feeling frustrated about my failing skydiving attempt in Dubai. I didn't know this at the time, but skydiving is the number one attraction  in Dubai. When we called to make our reservation, the first booking was a month away. One of the reasons skydiving is so popular in Dubai, is the unique drop zone which happens to be right over the man made "palm". The Palm Islands are basically these set of man made islands constructed from sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf. It's an incredible sight but best appreciated from above. 

My failing skydiving attempt and my fear of parasites, resulted in this brilliant idea. Why not try bungy jumping? why not in China? They just happen to have the highest bungy jump the world. How bad can it be right? I'm sure is no biggie. My friend in Hong kong told me it was 764ft height. After living 15 years in the United States, I still have no idea what that meant. The metric system makes so much more sense… just sayin'

But I can tell you after having jumped…. 764ft = what in the world was I thinking? 764ft = where is the elevator down? 764ft = Why can't I keep my knees from buckling and more importantly 764ft = every single parasite or living organism in my stomach dead as it was transported into my throat in the spam of 7 seconds :-) 

So the moral of the story is, (you can't trust the system.. OK bad SNL joke) the moral of the story is if you are afraid of the infamous Delhi belly, Forget Mebendazole and Piperazine… Jumping is the way to go!

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