04 August 2013

Puerto Rican Power

Paris is The City of Light, New York City is the Capital of the World, Chicago is the Windy City, and San Juan is the City of Noise.
I thought Spaniards were loud, but Puerto Ricans can make even the loudest Spaniards sound like Benedictine monks. I don't mean that in a negative way. OK maybe sometimes it can get a little annoying, but for the most part Puerto Ricans don't need an excuse to raise hell and party, a commendable practice indeed. 

This became quite apparent one day when I started hearing loud noises and music coming from a couple of blocks from where I was staying. I was curious, thinking it must be some sort of block party. I decided to walk a couple of steps to check out the "block party" only to discover that the noise was actually some sort of protest…. very very confusing. The party goers were demanding payments of some sort, but they didn't really seem to care about the payment. One guy was holding a huge boom box while everybody around him was dancing and singing. If you've never seen the Manuel Ortiz show on SNL, you should stop reading this and do a quick You Tube search…. You can thank me later. It is fantastic!

Being from Colombia and living almost half of my life in the US, I think Puerto Rico is the perfect blend of Latino and American culture. It is so bizarre to see signs for the US Postal Service with the sound of Ruben Blades blaring in the background. I think Puerto Ricans have it made. I know some people will disagree with me on this point, but in my humble opinion they get the benefits of traveling with an American passport while keeping their Latino heritage. Hardcore Puerto Ricans want their independence from the United States, but I don't think they know what they are wishing for. 

My trip To Puerto Rico was supposed to be all about the elements. Chasing the wind and waves.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, Mother Nature decided to be pretty quiet. I literally saw kitesurfers from the window of the plane as I was taking off. I have a kitesurfing friend who says that's one thing he loves about the sport; the unpredictability of the wind. I, on the other hand hate it. It was windy the day before I arrived, quiet the entire time I was there, and windy literally as I was taking off. Do I sound a little bitter?.. Umm luckily, I got to spend a lot of time with my wonderful Godmother, roam around the lovely streets of San Juan, learn a little bit about Puerto Rican rum, and visit the charming town of Ponce. 

Arriving in Puerto Rico

Condado Beach

Old San Juan

This might as well be Colombia


Bacardi Plant

El Morro


  1. You forgot to mention about Ponce, that there was born the gratest ever, the only one, the Voice, Hector Lavoe.

    1. Gracias guaro por el dato… se te apunta :-) al igual que Hector Lavoe sos un grande!