07 September 2013

NY Redemption: bread, walking and good tennis

Two years ago, I decided it was time to go to my first US open in NYC. Seeing Arthur Ashe Stadium is one of those Bucket list items for any tennis aficionado. In previous years, I had always tried to make my way to NY city at least once a year. I just loved the energy, the busyness, the intensity, the chaos. There's something about NY city that makes you feel so alive. Unfortunately for me, the 2010 visit to the big apple was anything but pleasant. 
 I think one of the main reasons the trip was such a disaster was the fact that on the second night I had to be rushed to the ER with a severe allergic reaction. The second factor that contributed to a disappointing trip was my unwise decision to drive instead of flying. Having a car in NY was such a hassle. Parking was way too expensive, having to drive around and find places to go to was stressful. looking back now, I think the few extra dollars for the plane ticket would have been well worth it.
Needless to say, the last day of my visit I was really looking forward to being back in Charleston. I couldn't believe myself! Had I spent so much time in the South that NYC now felt almost like a different country?  ohh no, I had kind of an unsettling feeling. I was fearing that maybe two years from now, I'd be driving a pick up truck while chewing tobacco as I made my way to the shooting range? you never now. The south can sort of "creep onto you" like that….Jimmy Buffet ..say what???

Anywhoo,  point made, there was a lot at stake for this year's visit to NY. I really really really wanted to redeem myself. Thankfully for me, Redemption was exactly what I experienced. What was different this time?
There were no hospital visits, no car to be worried about and the most important factor of all, I had great traveling buddies. It was Mark Twain who said “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” And boy is that statement true. what was so great about them? 
We had no schedule, no deadlines, they were easy going, up for whatever, not demanding. They wanted to walk everywhere so that's exactly what we did. In addition to that,it didn't hurt the fact that one of them is a bit of a food snob. This turned out to be an incredible advantage as choosing a good restaurant in NYC city can be an overwhelming task. The only bit of pre-trip planning we did was making a list of some of the best bakeries in the city and voila, what else do you need? oh yeah-almost forgot, free tickets to the US open helped with the healing process as well :-) 

Despite his latest troubles, the greatest tennis player in history.
Arthur Ashe Stadium
Roger Federer at the Met. Twins included :-)

Brooklyn Bridge
Clever Advertising

The High Line

Main purpose of our trip….. Bread @ eataly

Morning Fuel at Bien Cuit

Roof Top @ Standard Hotel

Hipster stores everywhere

Good partner in crime. Can make or brake a trip

Random kids posing for an advertising campaign